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Chicken katsu curry

Prep time less than 30 mins
Cook time less than 30 mins
Serves 4-6
From Something for the Weekend
A Japanese dish of crisp fried chicken in a rich curry sauce. Simon Rimmer's version has less fat but all the flavour of the original.


  1. For the sauce, fry the spices in a dry frying pan for 2-3 minutes, then grind to a powder in a mortar and pestle.

  2. Heat the oil in the same frying pan used to the fry the spices and fry the onions for 8-10 minutes, or until golden-brown. Add the garlic, chilli, chopped tomatoes, ginger and turmeric.

  3. Bring the mixture to the boil, then add the stock and simmer for 25 minutes.

  4. Leave to cool slightly, then blend the mixture until smooth, then stir in the honey and soy sauce. Keep warm.

  5. Meanwhile, for the katsu curry, sprinkle the flour and breadcrumbs onto separate plates. Beat the eggs in a bowl.

  6. Dredge the chicken pieces in the flour, then dip in the egg and coat in the breadcrumbs, shaking off any excess.

  7. Heat the oil in a frying pan over a medium heat and fry the chicken pieces for 2-3 minutes on each side, or until golden-brown. Remove from the pan and set aside to drain on kitchen paper.

  8. Meanwhile, cook the sliced carrots in a pan of boiling water for 4-5 minutes, or until tender. Drain.

  9. To serve, stir the cooked carrots and spring onions into the curry sauce. Spoon the cooked rice onto serving plates, spoon over some sauce and top with the fried chicken pieces.


For the sauce

  • 1 tsp cumin seeds
  • 1 tsp coriander seeds
  • 1 tsp fennel seeds
  • 1 tsp fenugreek seeds
  • 2 cardamom pods
  • 2 tbsp vegetable oil
  • 2 onions, sliced
  • 2 garlic cloves, sliced
  • 2 small red bird’s-eye chillies
  • 1 x 400g/14oz tin chopped tomatoes
  • 2.5cm/1in piece root ginger, peeled, grated
  • 1 tbsp ground turmeric
  • 250ml/9fl oz chicken stock
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 1 tbsp soy sauce

For the katsu curry

  • 150g/5½oz plain flour, seasoned with salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • 200g/7oz Japanese panko breadcrumbs
  • 2 free-range eggs
  • 4 chicken breasts, cut into strips
  • 4 tbsp vegetable oil
  • 3 carrots, sliced
  • 2 spring onions, chopped
  • cooked basmati rice, to serve

Shopping List

Chicken katsu curry

Fruit and vegetables

Tins, packets and jars

Cooking ingredients

Dairy, eggs and chilled

Meat, fish and poultry

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